Is the mop sink a cause of drain clogs, flooded floors, and foul odors in your restaurant or commercial kitchen?

All the food, trash, dirt, and sediment that you collect when you mop your restaurant floors gets poured into the mob basin and can cause drain backups and potentially costly repairs.  Don't ignore this serious plumbing problem. 

The Mop Basin Strainer is the easy way to save your drains!

Mop Sink Basin Strainer

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The Mop Sink Basin Strainer easily fits into your mop basin.  Then you slide the commercial grade filter onto the strainer.  It catches all the debris but lets the waste water flow to your drains.  When the filter gets full simply throw away and replace with a new one.  This product is truly a drain saver and is a must have product for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, and anyone with a mop, bucket, and a dirty floor!

Fight fruit flies, grease and grime at your restaurant!

Keep mops, brooms, and tools organized!